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Well, actually it’s just the time I’ve seen it used. In the app when setting up your account you can scan your driver’s license (TX) and to fill in the form…cool…and kinda creepy I guess

All the info on the front of my license is in that cluster of dots

And can be scanned by the app to simplify the registration process

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So I went to the park-n-ride and checked on car…no call for work…I downloaded ZipRecuieter…a job search app…(pretty sure I spelled the word wrong)

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I’ve done this so many times…does my heart good to know it’s not just me…

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I think every nation has committed acts of genocide…or some similar atrocities…

Anyway, this comment was received and I’m sharing it below…sorry but my computer doesn’t play well with my hotspot device so edit is directly produced on my phone…

And this is my reply

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