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I had to go home 3x to FINALLY get my boots…lost a hour as a result…caught a conflict on video..I’ll try to share that video later…and just found this really cool pic on Pinterest

So that’s my day…oh I’m also gonna try a new route which follows the railroad…it’s the shortest route but idk if it’s completely accessible or not


For your Friday morning smile…

Yup…they sooooooo good too

What do you think? http://pin.it/MD-k9A5 Take a closer look!

When you need a lawyer to sue your lawyer

One of the most wonderful things about travel is getting the chance to see new and interesting animals. While Australia has a lot of great native animals, seeing an adorable little wallaby nibbling by the roadside is vastly different to spotting a huge elephant in the Thai jungle. With the wonder of these animals comes […]

via Avoid these 11 terribly cruel animal tourism experiences — Little Grey Box

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