There’s been a lot of talk about the min wage needing to increased…and the”nice number” being $15…if you’re up to date on my blog you know I’m struggling to make ends meet…I’m making $15/hr…and avg 30 or less/wk…my taxes are around 25% and all total my deductions are about 45%…that’s what my $15/hr job looks like…but it’s coming, because it means more taxes for the war pigs and the politicians
What’s it mean for the young and those w/o “education”? Wal-Mart is retrofitting stores in Houston…and have a beta app called “scan-n-go” that’s gonna greatly reduce the need for cashiers…when Wal-Mart has to come up with the higher wage…they won’t be needing as many clerks as they currently have…taking your money and making change is already possible with robotics…have a look at the newest “self-checker”

So, in conclusion, kids go into robotics…or something that requires ” on the fly” decision making abilities