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I remember to this day that I was the cause of her misery…(intellectually I know this is not true)…on one occasion I saw her my latest creation…a drawing…her response something like, “I don’t know why you spend so much time drawing…you’ll never be any good.” I still don’t draw…I’m 54

A Momma's View

Parenting is not easy. It’s more than a full time job. It’s a 24/7 job, dealing with little individuals who have their opinion, their dreams, their goals, their fears, their dislikes, their tantrums. As beautiful being a parent can be, as exhausting it can feel on other occasions.

One thing I find easier now that our kids are older is, that I have more me time. I can use the bathroom without being interrupted. I can have a shower without spectators, I can drink my coffee while it’s still hot and I can vacuum clean without freaking someone out.

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So cute…

Anyone who follows my blog will know that these posts are one of my favourites to read and write. I’ve been waiting patiently for Little Miss OMG to start talking and come out with a good enough slip of the tongue to feature here.

Well today was that day! What a beauty it was!


One of the above Hello Kitty Pillow Pets arrived today from her Aunt in the States as a 2nd birthday present. Buddy isn’t very good at hiding things and she found it!

I was greeted by an excited Little Miss OMG running around the house shouting.

“Titty Pillow! Titty Pillow!”

I don’t think there’s anything I can add to that!


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I love this

It’s Thursday and I haven’t worked all week…I just cleared all my pawn tickets…will have to open a new one today.

I tried to open a little investment account but I think I ended up in a scam.

I signed up with a temp agency…went out but the client cancelled…one interview but no response yet.

Taxes, deductions, bills…it’s the same drama daily, weekly; for the last 6mo or so.

I’m not asking for too much am I? Just some relief from the constant, never-ending grind? Sure, life’s grand and I’d much rather be dealing with all this then to locked up. 

I’m giving serious thought to clearing out my storage locker, but that won’t help that much…it’s my car and rent, they are eating me up.

So…what to do? Just walk away? 

Damn it.

Kids awesome…and the adventure never ends

school bus stepsNo parent wants to get that phone call about their child getting hurt. This afternoon I rushed out of the office when the afterschool daycare director called to say Isaiah fell on the school bus and that he had a cracked tooth.

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When I grew up…

Strange how times have changed.

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