All the creature comforts you’re used to buying are either not coming or not being distributed…what now? How much of your daily existence could you live without? Do you have Redneck engineering skills? Bartering skills? Foraging skills? Idk how good my are but in the early days of economic anarchy; when the fools are looting the beer caves and ready-made shelves I’m gonna be in the dry goods alise getting the dry beans, flour, rice, etc.

I’ll also be getting all the dry seeds I can get and looking for wild foods.

I know the theory behind ethanol production and biodiesel production…I think I could even get that working. Of in the early days there’s plenty of diesel…electricity? A locomotive…it wouldn’t be hard to make that happen either… but before…long before…all that there’s wild foods that are simply good snacks…here’s 2 I found today…