I’m too old for toddlers…but I’d raise them if I made them

I remember reading an article a few years ago about Rod Stewart becoming a father again. He’s in his 60’s at least. Fair play to him I thought.

The subject of age and fatherhood is now on the agenda again. But a bit closer to home.

Having become a father to Little Miss OMG not long before my 40th Birthday.

(A fact Herself takes every opportunity to remind me of.) She has even gone a step further and calculated what age I will be for her various milestones.

I’ll be 48 when she makes her First Holy Communion. 51 for her Confirmation. 57/58 when she finishes secondary school and 60 the year she turns 20.

None of these numbers make much difference to me. But, and its a big but, I am starting to worry I won’t be able to keep up.

I’m starting to get a middle aged spread!…

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