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My year…

Hope all dads had a great day…I can’t claim that role but I was blessed to watch some awesome kids grow up.

I have tried several times to post pics of this trip…I only have a phone and I can not load my pics as I want…

So, fuck it, I’ll just dump the pics and if you have questions plz leave them in the comments…I’ll get another computer someday…

Have some pics

Great looking garden

Diary of an Internet Nobody.(Archive)

Happy Monday, one and all, and welcome to this week’s edition of K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, today inspired by my prompt from Friday, which was; Through, between, behind, beyond.

It was not something I’d thought about, so it was a last minute decision to use our new garden as a subject for the challenge.

We only really started work on our latest horticultural project last weekend, but now it’s coming along rather nicely, even if I do say so myself, (despite Rhonda doing most of the actual gardening) although possibly not advanced enough to warrant a full post to itself.

So what I’ve tried to do, in keeping with today’s theme, is to give you a few glimpses of the garden, from behind some plants, through the shed doorway, between the leaves, to catch hints of what lies beyond.

The link to K’lee’s post will…

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On my way home I found this:

Yep, right on the curb…here’s a clamshell bucket…used to offload some types of bulk cargo

Random pics

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