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the country is beautiful, though is it’s only about 40mi from h-town…i love taking pics of the place…i hope to have my own place

i’m still waiting on scooter parts…not sure when that stupid part will be in..

how about some elephant ears? i planted these upside down

KODAK Digital Still Camera

and a couple pics of the “back 40″…

KODAK Digital Still CameraKODAK Digital Still Camera

The Phoenix of Hiroshima COURTESY JESSICA RENSHAW The Phoenix of Hiroshima has had a long, strange trip. A I Hugon was lying on the carpet of his vacation home in Santa Cruz, California, staring up at a bookshelf. It was late summer, 1997, and news coverage of Princess Diana’s death was the only thing on […]

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The majority of people who are providing media opinion on Puerto Rico recovery efforts really don’t have any understanding of the scale of the logistics involved when the impact zone is an island. Hurricane Maria destroyed hundreds of vessels in and around the various PR ports making entry and exit into harbors a maze of […]

via Outstanding Work by U.S. Coast Guard on Port Recovery In Puerto Rico… — The Last Refuge

By Jueseppi B. ‘War on Boko Haram‘: African, Western nations unify in hunt for Nigerian girls War On Boko Haram African, Western Nations Unify In Hunt For Nigerian Girls Published on May 17, 2014 War On Boko Haram African, Western Nations Unify In Hunt For Nigerian Girls Africa leaders […]

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Repeating Islands


An editorial from the New York Times.

A century after the United States extended qualified citizenship to the residents of Puerto Rico, that link has never been more vital to the island commonwealth, as it reels from the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

Puerto Rico cannot vote for president and has no voting representatives in Congress. But its citizens are entitled to the same federal emergency funds and resources that Washington has been funneling to the far more politically powerful and economically resilient states of Texas and Florida in their hurricane miseries.

Days after Maria struck, the island remained crippled by widespread destruction and catastrophic flooding. Villages were razed and communications ruined, leaving officials unable to tally an accurate toll of the death and devastation. Power is out, and restoration of the electrical grid may take months, not weeks. A dam was compromised, threatening major flooding and a…

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not all is negative in my world; have a rainbow and a couple dogs too

and maddie and harley chillin’

so, how long should a brand-new vehicle operate w/o breakdowns? should it be longer than a week? should it be expected to breakdown within a couple weeks?

or is it just my rotten luck? this scooter only has a factory warranty that covers the engine/transmission for a short period of time (30 days?; not sure), but no other parts…have to take it to the shop for a estimated cost of repairs…i’m over 50mi away…and so it goes…i ordered the cable and will fix it myself…

i love the wonderfully made chinese stuff i can afford…yep, compared to a tooth extraction w/o pain killers

have some pics…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still CameraKODAK Digital Still Camera

1st, the video…sometimes a company deserves a big “high-5″…as in this case…

and here’s some pics from my phone…

it’s hard to tell but, yes, the sun is shining with the rain…mother nature is confused…lol



yep, gonna be days when i gotta ride in the rain


a  google street view car…


i have others but the computer won’t give me thumbnails…sux…on to another device…

that vine was on the clearance rack…lol…it was so scrawny!!!!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

sorry guys, this old fart had to have his picture taken while sitting on his brand new ride

KODAK Digital Still Camera

seaboard-jacintoport international

KODAK Digital Still Camera

so, that’s how it goes…plenty of pics but a guessing game as to what i have…lol

i’m pretty blessed though at times many folks are led to believe otherwise by my whining sessions…

i just got my scooter out of layaway with a “hardship loan” from my employer (they offered them to employees who suffered flood damage; yeah, i cheated)…my employer also paid us for the week harvey visited town…

Kid Rock hasn’t made an official announcement that he is running for the Senate, but the singer delivered an expletive-laden political speech in Detroit at his concert Tuesday evening — tearing into “deadbeat dads,” the welfare system and white supremacy. For balance, here’s the speech from the President in the movie “Idiocracy”.

via Kid Rock Teases Possibly Running For Senate At Detroit Concert: It’s No Secret We’re Divided (1 min) — Tales from the Conspiratum

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