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A universal truth is that we all have struggles…it’s also a universal truth that many relationships fail because not all of them are presented in the beginning.
Top of list for me were my selfish/self-centered sexual fantasies/desires…most guys probably wouldn’t admit to this…women either.

Along the same lines is inferiority complexes centered around the “little man”…and this is certainly not up for discussion when it’s TIME…these issues start early…hell, for me, there was no “birds and bees” discussion in adolescence…

I’ve been in about 7 relationships that were toxic in one way or the other…the weakest link , and common thread, in them was my definition of “love” was linked to lust…and my desperate attempt to be a”normal man”

A dime in the box went a long ways towards clearing that misconception up for me…and several years of therapy helped me as well…

The cornerstone of my success is my desire to be a caring and compassionate person…and a really  good friend I met 16yr ago…

So when you find yourself “falling out of love” with your “true love” maybe there’s something not being discussed…and maybe that discussion could be the savior

Today I’m supposed to be cleaning pallets…much easier than it sounds…unless my co-worker is lazier than me… These things weigh about 100# and we flip them twice…just 2 times!!! Can’t be done by 1 person…they are too heavy This is a USAid contract…our tax $$$ at work…the US government buys agricultural products as part of a price control program (I.e., welfare for corporate farms…mostly) Those products are then channeled into other welfare programs; food for US and state correctional facilities…and USAid which donates to other countries

My condolences my best friend lost her son to cancer on2-18-12; he was 11…cancer sux

I’ve been through more phones than I can remember…i always end up with another smartphone

So I’m now with Verizon on a LG K8V…maybe it be around awhile

all these mass murders have one thing in common: terror….sure there are other commonalities…but that’s the main thing

these terrorists all wanted one thing: their 5min of fame…at the expense of public security and sense of safeness…

another one is gone and another will come…my condolences to those own lost love ones…my heart also goes out to those who are suffering financially because of injuries they sustained

this sicko has had way to much fame…let’s move on; let’s go to concerts and movies and take vacations…and if faced with a madman yourself find a way to take him down…don’t just run and scream

Watch Video LAS VEGAS — A week after the Las Vegas shooting, Kevin McMahill, the undersheriff of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, appeared visibly frustrated at a press conference. Authorities had run down more than 1,000 leads in the investigation into the October 1 massacre. But they still were struggling to determine why Stephen…

via Why does the Las Vegas shooter’s motive even matter? — WREG.com

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