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I couldn’t get c&p to work on my phone…idk why or if it’s even possible…oh well I did the screen capture thingy…anyway
Ted and I were discussing our wonderful health care joke here in the USA and he mentioned his $70,000 experience with the VA. Most vets don’t like my opinion about all these wars that the war pigs keep conjuring up…hopefully, they can see I don’t necessarily throw vets in that pot…

Here’s what he said about his awesome experience with his former employer…more precisely the VA

Here is my reply

Well, I did reply but I can’t get back to it…or it simply didn’t post…no clue…but my reply ain’t important

A universal truth is that we all have struggles…it’s also a universal truth that many relationships fail because not all of them are presented in the beginning.
Top of list for me were my selfish/self-centered sexual fantasies/desires…most guys probably wouldn’t admit to this…women either.

Along the same lines is inferiority complexes centered around the “little man”…and this is certainly not up for discussion when it’s TIME…these issues start early…hell, for me, there was no “birds and bees” discussion in adolescence…

I’ve been in about 7 relationships that were toxic in one way or the other…the weakest link , and common thread, in them was my definition of “love” was linked to lust…and my desperate attempt to be a”normal man”

A dime in the box went a long ways towards clearing that misconception up for me…and several years of therapy helped me as well…

The cornerstone of my success is my desire to be a caring and compassionate person…and a really  good friend I met 16yr ago…

So when you find yourself “falling out of love” with your “true love” maybe there’s something not being discussed…and maybe that discussion could be the savior

Today I’m supposed to be cleaning pallets…much easier than it sounds…unless my co-worker is lazier than me… These things weigh about 100# and we flip them twice…just 2 times!!! Can’t be done by 1 person…they are too heavy This is a USAid contract…our tax $$$ at work…the US government buys agricultural products as part of a price control program (I.e., welfare for corporate farms…mostly) Those products are then channeled into other welfare programs; food for US and state correctional facilities…and USAid which donates to other countries

I’ve been through more phones than I can remember…i always end up with another smartphone

So I’m now with Verizon on a LG K8V…maybe it be around awhile

i love the idea of meeting and interacting with new people…i get a lot of “likes” but slim on comments

Be Free 2 Love

Sunday’s on Be Free 2 Love, will now be dedicated to meeting new people!

You never know who will cross your path, and what purpose they will serve in your live.  In my experience so far with life in general, so many others continue to encourage and inspire me, and many have no idea how much they are appreciated.  Let’s take a moment to say hi to someone new, and possibly gain a long-term friend.


In recognition of today, I ask that you do the following:

  1. Please share one fun fact about yourself.
  2. Please share at least one goal you plan to reach for the week.  The more you say it, the more you’ll make it happen!
  3. Leave a link to your page, so others can get to check out your space.
  4. Want to share this post with others? Be sure to pingback and reblog this post, and…

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Earth orbit isn’t so much “high” as “fast.” The ISS routinely passes closer to my house than Los Angeles; it wouldn’t be a terribly far commute. The only problem is that, if I were to travel in a straight line those 249 miles up to touch it, I would then simply be 249 miles above the ground, and what would happen next is technically known as “falling.”

Things stay in orbit not by being high up, but by moving fast enough that they continually fall towards the ground and miss. Draw a line between yourself and the center of the Earth; gravity is pulling you along that line. Point your nose perpendicular to that line, and go: your normal straight-line motion is moving you away from the Earth. The art of orbiting is simply the art of keeping those two things in balance, so that you’re moving so quickly through space that you’re losing altitude through falling at the same speed that you’re gaining it through hurtling.

Of course, you have to be going kind of fast for this to work. The ISS travels at a steady speed of 7.6km (4.76 miles) per second.

This is why spacecraft don’t simply fly straight up; they fly up about 26,000′ to get out of the thickest part of the air, then turn 90° and thrust for speed. (This post talks more about why that makes more sense than taking off horizontally like an airplane: https://plus.google.com/+YonatanZunger/posts/VsYyUDxFUDr)

It probably won’t surprise you that when you’re flying at this speed, running into things is not a good idea. The picture below is from a test run by the ESA (the European Space Administration) of a “hypervelocity impact.” The block is made of solid Aluminum, and was cut in half after the test to see what happened. The pellet is not the one that was used in the test; you can see parts of the pellet used in the test in the form of those smears along the inside of the crater. At 6.8km/s, the impact blew the crater you see into the block of metal, and the shock wave in front of it opened up that second cavity at the bottom.

Note that the speed here was only 6.8km/s. Oribtal speed is a function of altitude alone; anything flying at the ISS’ altitude will be going at 7.6km/s. But it might be going the other way, which means that collisions with random debris in orbit could happen at speeds as high as 15km/s. Meteoroids coming in from elsewhere in the solar system could be flying as fast as 72km/s.

The ESA’s page (http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Operations/Space_Debris/Hypervelocity_impacts_and_protecting_spacecraft) about these hypervelocity impact tests is full of wonderful understatements. An impact of any 10cm object against any spacecraft would “most likely entail a catastrophic disintegration of the target.” (I should say that space travel includes phrases like “hard start” for what happens when fuel and oxidizer accumulate in a rocket engine’s chamber before the engine ignites, and “spontaneous disassembly” for what happens if the airframe is separated into multiple pieces on an unscheduled basis. For those outside the field, those translate as “the engine explodes” and “the spacecraft explodes,” respectively)

The thing I keep thinking about when I see this picture is imagining being aboard a spacecraft – especially something big, like the ISS – and hearing a loud “bang” resonating throughout the ship. That’s all you would know at first: something, somewhere aboard, just caused the entire ship to shake.

Space travel is not for the faint of heart.

this is cool…so…what’s keeping you trapped? are you sure? or have you not pushed hard enough?

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