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a read a blog post from dadmissions a couple days ago…let’s call it a near miss…in today’s world almost everyone has a cell phone…maybe not this time…and why pay a cell phone bill when all you need is a line of communication b/t you and the kiddos?…i suggested walkie talkies and decided i should post this in hopes of reaching more people… here’s a cool looking set sold at toys r us,,,

my thoughts and prayers to all those threaten/affected by the western states fires

Goodnight Already

Our Cabin in Winter Our Cabin in Winter

This morning, moments after I woke up, Kellie greeted me by saying, “It’s all over.”

“Huh?” I said, rubbing my eyes and starting the kettle.

“Our cabin,” she said, and explained that Aeneas Valley was evacuated overnight. Our cabin currently sits between two rapidly growing fires.

Just last weekend we had traveled there with a weed whacker in the back of the truck because the fire season was well under way, because it was already a bad one, because we were overdue for our annual fire abatement—and also, because we love it there.

interiorWe left on a Friday morning, the same morning that lightning had started dozens of small fires. Some of the fires had grown into big ones. As we drove through Chelan, the air grew increasingly thick with smoke. The parking lot of the elementary school was filled with fire trucks and mobilizing crews…

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and i have to keep my mouth shut because i know what some of the solutions are…but “they don’t work”…anyway…i’m gonna to look for blue bell today…and here’s another boring vlog

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