lost my mind…now what????

More Pics


More clicks…pics from my day

And some interesting pics from the internet…

Wearing the perfect joke


Peeking through my lens

Another collection of pics…

or go commando…

How relationships resemble underwear

via Dad Gives Awkward and Hillarious Relationship Advice to His Brokenhearted Son — Success Inspirers World

she has a very valid point…

I have posted about this some 5 times, only because it needs to be said! Unless you are a member of the ancestors (Family), or a member of the ‘Trinity’ (Creator), you need to mind your own business as to who has or who does not have ancestors of the ‘First People of this Land! […]

via Pretentious, Hypercritical, Bullies — Yes, I sometimes do write, without an apology;


Lowest price I’ve seen on milk…I paid more for a quart since I don’t have a refrigerator

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