lost my mind…now what????

Some pics

My WP blog is still linked to my G+ account I lost access to…my way of flipping Google off…

Have some pics


Murphy is a bad man

It’s the Americanized version of karma I guess but I constantly get knocked sideways by karma; Murphy’s law, as I say…

Headed to work last night (actually 2am)…and had to push my scooter home…the front tire was flat…and that became a call-in…

Optimistically, it was only flat on one side…so hopefully it’ll be easy enough to fix

This is really cool


From a friend…

Hopefully you’ll smile too

It’s mine…with a catch

I have a friend with a 32×56 mobile home she wants gone…she believes she can pay off the note in 18months

She says if I can move it I can have it…that’s the hitch though…

We’re guessing at $3000…and I’ve got $20 so far…

We need to discuss this issue


VA Is Working to End Homelessness Among Veterans


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