lost my mind…now what????

Springfield’s Tool Library open just in time for Spring projects



German family to give $11M after hearing extent of Nazi past


Had to share

some videos…

ok, wordpress got something new…anyway, i thought i’d post a couple videos…first is my latest YT vlog…and #2 is a video from a YT channel that watch quite a bit…she adopted a pg dog that somebody was gonna kill and she wants to find them homes and/or get them fixed…the fixin’ is gonna be expensive so i’m posting her video in the hope that some folks out there will consider helping with the vet bill

Cute Goat Kids, Cute New Bunnies…It’s An Update Full of Cuteness!

here’s a really channel on YouTube

Humble Little Homestead

We have a new litter of Holland lop bunnies, our other bunnies have grown and are looking cuter than ever, and our goat kids are up and at ’em… there’s lots of cuteness happening on the homestead.

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How about as your antidepressant?

i just found this…and i had to share…kids are darn cute…

digging through archives…

so, i found some pics from my past and made a little video for my YT fam…take a peek…hope you likey…

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