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ok folks..i’m not a dad but my x/now-bestie had 4 kids…i’ve known her for 13yr…sooo…let me be the opposite of most commenters…kids are all different…some small, some huge, i have seen kids walking at 10mo and talking at 12mo…EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT!!! comparing juniors is dangerous…i saw a child who didn’t say a word until 3yr; she is now a chemical engineer at 22yr…the side effect of advances in medical technology seems to be a generation of worry warts…enjoy the kiddos, let ’em get dirty, let ’em crawl, let ’em be silent…take a million pics and a million hours of video…hug ’em often, love ’em bunchs…RELAX ¬†folks, the kids are ok!!!¬†

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