there’s a lot of movies I saw in the 90s ‘d like to see again but I forgot most of them. here’s a couple i’d like to see so I hope somebody can help with the titles.

1st one : in one scene the guy is fresh out of prison and really wants not go back but decides to do “one last job” with the family. they steal cars and load them onto ships bound for Europe and there’s a old man riding shotgun and they drive into a trap. when the door gets jerked open this old takes a shot at the cop but our x-con grabs the prison and gets a shot through his hand.

2nd movie: basically is duel between the girls and boys about who can build the coolest treehouse. at one point the kids are inside a water tower and a little boy has to be rescued from the whirlpool caused by the draw down

so, peeps, who’s gonna be my hero here?