alright, i’m not a normal man…I hate sports, I don’t drink, or drugs…I don’t want a man-cave…i’m too old to wade through all the drama of trying to develop a relationship…disgracing women for a quickie is just stupid, and I don’t want to hang with the guys…I don’t do bars or clubs…I barely do porn..I don’t wanna watch other guys do it…and men colors are depressing!!! give me sparkles, pinks, bright colors…and sometimes blacklight colors…and I love reading about women who managed to survive and thrive past their oppression…or women in third world countries whose daily life is harder then my will ever be.think about these examples (from a google search)

and the kids have to be included too

and how washing clothes?

then there’s some heros. rosa parks, after a long day just wanted to get on the bus and go home. I don’t know the whole story, but she sure didn’t want to go to back of the bus. how about neomi Campbell she survived some real violence, and is a knock-out too!!!

and I just read this one today, on a hit list because she is outspoken about violent Muslim men and the culture she escaped.

i’m not a normal man…and sure am glad I ain’t!!! I seem to only fit in my little cave and that’s fine by me. hopefully it’s fine by you too. if not you know how to fix that huh?