here’s my best guess;

on a typical day I was upset and crying…maybe that nerve-wreaking scream that 8mo olds resort to when the adults just ain’t getting it done, you know??

my mother grabbed me in frustration and screamed, “WHY DON’T YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP????? WHAT DO YOU FUCKING WANT????”

finished with her rant she dropped me back in the cradle….I was only wimpering now….another victim of shaken baby syndrome(SBS)…but as with many childhood ailments, once I became a adult, hell, once I became a older child/teen, there is no more discussion of SBS…I have speech issues, learning issues, and vision issues; all could be related to SBS…but who knows? i’m just struggling to survive and enjoy my life…

yet I contend with ADHD, dylexlicia(which I simply cannot spell at the moment), math is beyond me…balancing a checking account is a useless exercise…I try to keep in the black and that’s all I do…screw it if I overdraft!!!

and there’s no since talking to google on my phone…she don’t understand cotton mouth

no 3D for me because i’m blind in my right eye (possibly a stroke related to SBS)

yet, I work and earn a living for myself…so regardless of the past my future is my, I own it…but i’d sure like to hear more about adult survivors of SBS…i’d like to know if this is really what happened