i’m a lousy swimmer and panic easily if I suddenly lose contact with the bottom…so that’s some scary shit…

Maritime Cyprus

Oceans are such vast and often overwhelming subjects. Because of their sheer scope in size, the discussions that are often had regarding seas and different discoveries within it, can be both mind boggling and intriguing. There are enormous mysteries in the depths of the oceans. While some of these phenomena have been explained by analysts and experts, there are still some interesting occurrences underwater that can’t really be rationalized. Sailors from all around the world have witnessed and experienced a variety of incredible ocean phenomena. Below is a list of the top 10.

10. Striped icebergs


Depending on which ocean and what part of the world it is in, the temperature and general characteristics of it will vary. This next interesting phenomenon deals with the cold, icy waters near Antarctica. There is something that occurs called striped icebergs, certain Arctic blues and whites mend together and as the water…

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